Chairman’s Message

In 2012, the ELF Fund saw record numbers of children and families in need, right in our own back yard. When the holiday season had ended, the ELF Fund provided over 1,000 gifts to over 500 children within the Bradford community. Now, in 2013 we expect to see similar need and are preparing for another busy year. However, we cannot be successful without the help of our generous community.

The ELF Fund was established in 1983 when the results of a recession proved many of our fellow Bradfordians needed help. It was expected to last only for one year. Now, 30 years later, the ELF Fund still remains strong and the need could not be greater. One hundred percent of your donations goes directly to those in need, in our own community.

We are proud of the commitment of our community and can only hope we continue to receive your help. Together, we can provide many smiles from those children in need.

Thank you for your support!

Edward J. Hayden, Chairman

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